Heart Chocolate Lollypops

The last Valentine'd Day blog post. For anyone looking to make quick easy heart treats.

A very simple way to make cute Valentines treats.

I didn't use cooking chocolate, just normal white and milk chocolate.  And for extra toppings heart  sugar sprinkles. You can get the sprinkles and cake pop sticks from DEALZ.

The super easy way to do these is using silicon moulds. I bought mine from LIDL. You can get them in most places that sell baking things.

I melted broken up chocolate in a bowl in the microwave, at a low heat and stirring it every 10 seconds do not keep it in the microwave for too long as it will burn.

Or alternatively boil water in a small pot, place bowl larger than pot on top of pot and melt the chocolate that way.

Place the mould on a flat baking tray. I found doing this helps moving it from counter to fridge without it getting messy.

Once the chocolate has melted pour into the heart moulds, but do not pour all of the melted chocolate in, just a thin layer. As you do not want bite into a thick layer of chocolate. Do not touch the bowl as it will be hot and you will get burnt.
If you wish add sprinkles to the chocolate too.

Put the moulds into the fridge until solid. Approx 1 hour.

Once solid, push the chocolate gently up.

Put heart chocolates decorative side down on a flat baking tray. 

With more melted chocolate add a bit to the middle of the heart, then place cake pop stick and more melted chocolate over that. 

Place again in fridge for 1 hour.

Then your chocolate hearts will be ready.

I loved making these so easy.You can using any toppings aswell.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Siobhan XX

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