Crochet Heart Pillow

So the love continues with heart pillows...

This post has the exact same steps as the crochet heart key ring post.
As it is made the same way just on a larger scale.

1. Attaching a slip knot to crochet needle.

2. Chain 10.

3. Join with 1st chain.

4. Work 20 single crochet stitches to the centre of the ring.

5. This is how the ring will begin to look. Once you have completed your stitches chain 1.

6. Begin doing 2 single crochet stitches into 1 stitch. This will double you stitches around to 40.

7. Once you have done that do another 2 rows of single crochet stitches.

8. Once you are back at the start slip stitch and cut away the yarn. Leave enough yarn to pull through crochet needle loop. Pull tight this will create a knot. Continue these steps and create another circle but DO NOT cut it away.

**The bigger you make your circles the bigger your heart will turn out. So you don't have to do the amounts I have done you can do a lot more or less.

9.Connect the two circles together. Slipping the crochet needle through the top stitch of the first circle. So you will have two circles on the crochet needle. Yarn over and pull through.

10. To join do 5 single crochet stitches (previous step 5 times).

11. Single crochet through the stitches round the two joined circles. 

12. Do previous step twice.

13. You will see a heart shape forming.

14. At the sides of each circle skip a stitch.

15. Continue doing that 4 rows down.

16. The hole of the heart will start getting smaller.

17. Using ordinary cosmetic cotton wool I start filling the heart up. This will make the heart more solid.

18. Once the inside is stuffed, continue crocheting down. This time each side you skip two stitches for 2 rows. Then you will be single crocheting round skipping every second stitch. Keep working down until you will have no more stitches.

19.  Cut away the yarn leaving enough to pull through crochet needle loop. Pull tight this will knot it.

20. With a darning needle sew the remaining yarn to the heart.

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