Snake Skin Make Up

Make up Monday is here, so I have another fun look to show you. Created this snake skin look. So keep reading if you want to know more..

I used Snazaroo face/body paint. You can purchase Snazaroo from their website or your local costume shop.

1. Applied  green Snazaroo face/body paint to my face, neck and a my collar bone area. Using a damp make up sponge. Covering my eyebrows and ears. Waited till the first layer was dry, then applied a second.

2.The netting I used for this is actually the netting from a bundle of onions. I cut a square out.

3. Applying the netting over sections of my face, and pushing down eyeshadow, not moving the netting whilst doing this. As it will mess up the print.

4. As in (PIC 4 above) shows you where I applied the darkest shadows and the lights. I did  a snakeskin like contour to my face. Also completely going over my eyebrows, lip and ears.

5. Using the same steps as above and doing the snake skin look to my neck and collar bone.

6. Using a wet fine paint brush and gold Snazaroo face/body paint I added flicks of gold to the snake skin as highlight so above where I applied the darkest eye shadow.

7. Going in with liquid eyeliner I gave myself a small winged eye. The a wing at my tear duct. Filling in with white Snazaroo paint. I painted on snake teeth, lines of a mouth and did a fine black line on cupids bow in black Snazaroo face/body paint. I also filled my nostrils in (not completely in) with the black Snazaroo paint.

8. And that's my snake skin look done.

Now for extra effect you could always give yourself eye contacts.

But I am super afraid of eye contacts so I edit my eyes in a App called Picsart.

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Siobhan X

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