Zebra Make Up

For this post I created a zebra. Hopefully this will inspire and help you to create this.

To create this look I used Snazaroo black and white paint face and body paint. 

1. Using my NYX pencil I started to map out the lines of the zebra on  my face.

2. This is my entire face lined, I was working from a reference picture of a zebra I googled.

3. I drew the lines on my neck and upper torso.

4. I pulled my hair back at the sides and back combed the top. (PIC 4 a side view).

5. Front view of the backcombed hair at the top of my hair. Pushing it up and hair spraying it.

6. I then went around my eyes and the centre of my forehead with NYX black pencil.

7. Then started painting on wet black face paint, using a fine paint brush along the edges and a flat bigger brush in the centre.

8. All the lines filled with black paint. Now I would actually advise people to start with painting every where white first then doing the black lines. But I do every thing opposite.

9. I then started to apply white face paint to the blank areas. Only using a fine brush. It is better to wait till the black paint is no longer wet. 

10. My face now filled with white paint.

11. Moving down and painting my neck and upper torso. Painting my right shoulder with my right hand was a bit tricky.
 If you find once you filled in the white that your black lines are no longer sharp go back over with the black to sharpen the lines up.

12. And that is my finished look.

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