Sea Creatures

Recently I had a family trip to the beach. We went to Sutton beach in Dublin. It is such a lovely beach the best I have been to in Ireland. Noah loved the beach just like me, and I got inspired to do some sea crafts with Noah.
So the aim as always with doing arts and crafts with Noah is to teach him new things.
For this I mainly used coloured paper, PVA glue, poster paints and more.
The best place that I get my crafts from is ARTS&HOBBY.


I got Noah to paint a half a circle that I drew on coloured paper. Once the half circle was dry, I cut strips of crepe paper and got Noah to glue the  strips to the back of the half circle. Then he glued on some googly eyes and I drew a smiley face. Then finishing it I glued the finished jellyfish to coloured paper.

Crab and lobster

I first painted the ocean, using this as a background. I painted the background on A3 white paper. On separate paper I did a crab and lobster, using Noah's hand and foot prints. Adding googly eyes to the sea creatures for extra effect. Print art is my favourite, wish I done this Noah when he was younger. Once the ocean background and prints were dry, I cut out the prints. Noah glued down strips of green crepe paper for seaweed effect. I then glued the lobster and crab down.


I drew a fish on some blue paper and then cut it out. Ripping up bits of tin foil, and covering the fish with PVA glue, Noah then stuck down the tin foil all over the fish. I then blobbed some PVA glue to some areas on the tin foil and Noah sprinkled some mixed beads to the areas. Also adding a googly I and gluing the fish to another A4 coloured paper.

Puffer Fish
On blue coloured paper I did a line of white paint, then above that a line a line of yellow and pink paint. Noah used a fork to pull down the white line of paint, then turning the page around and pulling the yellow and pink line of paint down. Then doing the sides, making it round. Once that was done and dried, I drew on some puffer fish features and Noah glued on some googly eyes.

Sea turtle

I drew a sea turtle to green paper, and cut it out. I cut some yellow and green crepe paper into squares, then I applied PVA glue to the shell of the turtle. Noah then glued down the coloured crepe paper squares to the shell, and also he glued on some googly eyes to the sea turtles head. I then glued the sea turtle to blue paper.

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