Mermaid Make Up

Starting this week with the sea theme. I finally did a mermaid look.
I went a little extra with this look. So some pictures do contain boob cleavage.

So happy with how this looked turned out. As I have tried it before and it was a hot mess.

Let me know what you all think and hope you enjoy.

1. Applying a line of liquid latex to the sides of neck.

2. Wait until tacky dry then apply small rectangle strips of toilet paper to the area. Not flat have the end flicking up. Lightly go over the tissue with more liquid latex to harden the paper. These are my gills.

3. I the applied foundation and a light bit of contour. Applying pink Snazaroo face/body paint to wear I want the mermaid scales. Using a wet make up sponge.

Also going over the gills with foundation. 

4.I used an old body wash scrunchy I cut a square and used that to created my scales.

5. With having the net fabric over the areas I wanted to have scales and dusting over a dark grey shadow over the areas.

6. Then using my NYX white pencil to add some flicks of white on the scales and as a white liner.

For extra effect I dadded lightly some latex liquid around my face then applied ordinary craft glitter to those areas. Also using a pale blue lipstick, that I can't remember where I got from and it has no stickers on it. I also applied some Primark Sultry lashes.


 I actually stuck real shells to my boobs. Using ordinary liquid latex and it held on great. Probably won't work for a costume but good for photography purpose.

So that is my mermaid look.

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