Burn scalp cap

This was such a quick fun look to create.

I honestly can not take credit for the idea, I seen it somewhere and I can't remember who it was that did it. But if you know let me know. So I can credit their technique.

But read more on how I created the burn scalp cap.

This was so super quick and easy to do.
 I made my own cap from 'brown parcel tape', tissue and liquid latex. Was so simple.

But before on how to do it, a little side note. Even though I say it is simple doesn't mean it is okay to slap liquid latex to your hair. If this stuff gets in your hair, well its not fun to get out. Believe me. In the possibility that it does get in your hair, I recommend you wetting the area, putting a hell lot of baby oil, hair oil, something oily to the area, rub it in and patiently comb it out. To avoid ruining, or pulling out your hair.

Firstly make sure all you hair is pulled away from your face.So I started by drawing a line on my face using a brown eyeliner. I then did my make on the bottom of my face. You could see a bit of cheek bone from the side so I did a bit of contouring.

I then pulled my hair back and added a light layer of vaseline to the areas of hair that I was applying the brown tape to. Because I have never done this before I wasn't to sure on how the removal of the tape would be like on my hair. That is why I added vaseline to my hair.Placing the tape lower than my hair line by a bit. The applying liquid latex to end of the tape to my forehead.

Then adding bits of tissue to the latex. This will help keep the tape stuck down.

Continuing the brown tape around the front and top of your head. Please make sure that each strip of brown tape is stuck down to your head. *Not shown in the picture a above. make sure not to do this as when it comes to applying the liquid latex you will get it in your hair.* 

Like the other steps apply the liquid latex to the front end of the tape, adding tissue, sticking it to your forehead. Try avoid putting liquid latex near your hair by even covering those baby hairs with the brown tape.

Then start then applying liquid latex and tissue further back on the brown tape. Only to where the brown tape ends.

I avoided putting any liquid latex near the hair around my ears as I would just cover them with paint.

Then leave to dry. You can use a hairdryer to dry the cap. I find it easier if someone can apply the tissue and liquid latex to the back where I couldn't see, I would recommend it. My cap doesnt go all the way back, literally only a cm over my crown.

Once the cap was still drying. From the line I drew at the start, I applied a daggered line  of liquid latex with a cheap paint brush.

I then applied small tissue pieces from the cap to that line, across. Having the tissue lifted in some places. To look like the skin was peeling.

There is a lovely front view. Leave to dry.

Once all the latex tissue is dry I then applied brown Snazaroo face/body paint to the eye area and scalp. Using a wet make up sponge. The area did not have to be completely covered as there was going to be more paint applied.

 I then applied red Snazaroo face/body paint to the brown area. Applying the brown first makes the red more vibrant. Also covering my ears to. Being messy doing this.

I then got carried away as usual. But I applied black Snazaroo face/body paint with a wet make up sponge around my eyes, sides of my nose and then in dabbs all over my scalp, and ears.

I then applied make blood with a make a sponge. In blobs in patches over my scalp and eye area.

Here is another close up picture of now the finished look.

And for the pictures I added more fake blood to my neck, chest and arms.

But before I leave it at that I want to state on the way I removed this look. As fun as it is applying it, it is messy taking it off. You need to be careful not just pull off the latex areas. I took of the cap from the back pulling it forward slowly and gently. Because the brown tape is not so sticky it actually never stuck down to my hair. The tissue latex areas I removed by rubbing coconut oil to the area, while slowly and gently pulling it off. For the painted areas simply washed off with a make up wipe. Do not forget to give your face a good cleanse and apply moisturiser after removing all the make up. As you face will be very sensitive and this will help stop any case of a skin break out.

Have fun with your make up.

Siobhan X

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