Zebra Make Up

For this post I created a zebra. Hopefully this will inspire and help you to create this.

Sea Creatures

Recently I had a family trip to the beach. We went to Sutton beach in Dublin. It is such a lovely beach the best I have been to in Ireland. Noah loved the beach just like me, and I got inspired to do some sea crafts with Noah.
So the aim as always with doing arts and crafts with Noah is to teach him new things.
For this I mainly used coloured paper, PVA glue, poster paints and more.
The best place that I get my crafts from is ARTS&HOBBY.

Mermaid Make Up

Starting this week with the sea theme. I finally did a mermaid look.
I went a little extra with this look. So some pictures do contain boob cleavage.

Ice cream cone prints

Fun summer art for the kiddies. 

Did these the other day with Noah. He is ice cream cone mad so this was great fun for him.

Burn scalp cap

This was such a quick fun look to create.

I honestly can not take credit for the idea, I seen it somewhere and I can't remember who it was that did it. But if you know let me know. So I can credit their technique.

But read more on how I created the burn scalp cap.