Deer make up look

For today's Monday make up look, I did a cute deer and then I added a bit of effect to make it look more gruesome.
Keep reading to see how I did it.

*See pictures for reference*

1. First I added a light brown shadow to my eye. Squared the eyeshadow in the corner of my eye and rounded it on the outer of my eye.

2. I did a winged eyeliner look. Simple not to dramatic.

3. I applied foundation to my entire face using my beauty blender. I also rounded my eyebrows lightly with a light brown eyebrow pencil. Using my white concealer and applying it heavy to my forehead, down my nose, cupids bow, chin and under my eye.And blending it out.

4. Then using my contour (MAYBELLINE MASTER SCULPT) applying it heavy from under my cheekbone blending it out. I also applied it lightly from the under the cheekbone down to my chin. I then added a light bronzer over the contour to make it more orange. Then the using the highlight to under my cheekbones, down my nose, in the middle of my forehead, and under my eyes.

5. I used my white kohl eyeliner (NYC) on my waterline then under my eye. 

6. Then using my snazaroo face paint in white and black. I painted a little black nose and white random spots to my face. Making sure the paint is wet first and using a fine paint brush. I also added a little bit of black liquid eyeliner from the corner of my eye to a little bit out under the white kohl line.

7. For extra effect a added more white spots to my neck and chest.

8. And that is the finished cute deer look.

For a more gruesome effect....

9. Applying liquid latex with a medium sized paint brush. To the middle of my forehead and chest.

10. With ripped up toilet paper, I stuck the the toilet paper the the latex areas. 

11. Then applied another layer of liquid latex over it and made sure the edges were all stuck down.

12. Once the areas were fully dried I applied foundation over the patches. Then on top that the black face paint. Only applying the paint to more of the centre of the area. I used a make up sponge to do so.

13. Using little scissors (being so careful doing this!!) Cuting a little whole in the tissue patch and pull the tissue lightly up. Then filling the hole in the middle with more black face paint using a fine paint brush. Then filling the hole with fake blood (you can using red lipgloss or red face paint) and also around the 'wound' area. Dabbing it.

14. And thats the deer look done with a simple gruesome effect.

You can buy all the make up I used in BOOTS.

Or the face paint in SNARAZOO.

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