Animal Handprints

Following my last post on my visit to Dublin Zoo. Me and Noah did some fun hand print animals.

I honestly loved how these turned out, and Noah had so much fun doing them. As like most toddlers he likes doing handprint art. But he didnt expect them to turn out into his favourite zoo animals.

So Noah and I did the hand print art. Into four different paint pots I did separate colours for each animal, also using four A4 white paper, and  a large paint brush. I painted Noah's and my hand in the colours and we printed them on the paper. Leaving the handprints to dry. Once they were dry using a fine paint brush I added features to the handprints. turning them into Noah's favourite zoo animals.

Unfortunately been too busy painting I forgot to do a before and after picture of the fabulous flamingo. But anyway here are our handprint animals.





I actually mixed red, brown and a bit of white paint together to make brown.

If you are looking for somewhere to get your art supplies, I would recommend,

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