Festival look turned Zombie

So I know my blog is mainly crafts, but I have wanted to branch into a bit of make up. So hopefully every Monday will be 'MAKE UP MONDAY'.

I haven't done special effects make up in nearly a year shocking, because it is my favourite make up to do. Seeing that is Monday, and I was feeling more motivated than usual I decided to do my make up, with a twist.

I am loving the festival/ hippy looks at the moment with the white dotted look. So I did it.

Keep reading to see how I did both these looks.

First of all I would like to start of saying this is how I like doing my make up, just because I am not doing it your way does not mean I am doing it wrong.

So lets get started...
1. I first primed my face with No7 STAY PERFECT SHINE FREE PRIMER
(Can be bought here)

2. I did my eye make up first. Starting with a cool brown all over the lid until the a bit over the eyelid crease line. Then adding a more choclate colour on top of that. Both using a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

3. Then using a cranberry colour I went on all over the brown area with a flat eyeshadow brush. Pressing the cranberry colour down instead of fluffy it out. Then I blended the edges of cranberry colour using a fluffy brush.
Wish I had the names of the colours or palette but I have had it a while and the names have been worn off... apologises. 

4. I then did my eyebrows with Sleek in a medium colour.
(Can be bought here)

5. I used Bourjois Radiance Reveal in light beige for my foundation.
(Can be bought here

6. Concealing my under eyes with Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in light.
(Can be bought here)

7. Then adding a light contour with Sleek Face Form in Medium.
(Can be bought here)

8. For mascara I used SEVENTEEN Maximum Volume.
(Can be bought here)

9. For the white dots above my eyebrow I used white SNAZAROO Paint. It has to be wet first then using a cotton ear bud to dab perfect little circles above my brow.
(Can be bought here)

10. I used a nude lipgloss from TOPSHOP.

Now onto the zombie side...

1. Using liquid latex I smeared a large patch on my neck, and two small patches on my forehead and jawline. I left the small patches to dry completely. But waited until the large patch was tacky dry, then applied ripped up toilet paper to the area. Then covered it over again with liquid latex until fully dry.

*Dont use liquid latex around your eye as your eye is a sensitive area and the latex is very strong*

 2. Then I used a the dark brown on my contour palette using a small fluffy brush to make a more hollowed out look.At the edges of my forehead and under my eyes(with a touch of purple eyeshadow too. 
Using a blusher brush then to fill in my check bones in the dark brown, then went under the brown cheekbone line with a cream eyeshadow, to bring out the brown more. Then bring more brow on a small fluffy brush from my cheek bones around my mouth and chin area.

I also added a purple and blue eyeshadow to my fluffy eyeshadow brush and added it to the corners of my nose and around my wounds. With very small flat brushes I then drew on veins under my eyes using a touch of brown and purple eyeshadow.
Then with a bright red lipgloss a smeared on my lips like blood.

Then for the wounds, using tweezers I picked at the latex areas, ripping them open a bit. Then adding dabs of black paint from SNAZAROO to the area, with some of the bright red lipgloss as a blood effect.

The large tissue patch area, I tweezed again in the centre pulling the tissue up so it looks like ripped flesh. trying to make as gruesome as possible. Then again adding dabs of black paint and brown powder to the area, with the bright red lipgloss for the blood effect.

So thats it done, if your attempting to create this make sure to have fun with it. You can go OTT with it or simple as possible. Hoping to do this looking in a male version very soon and many other special effects and 'normal makeup' looks. So I will keep you posted.

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