Paper Mache Elephant

So I have a new craft obsession which is paper mache. I got this idea as I wanted to make my mother a fabulous present. After doing research and a lot of planning, I finally made a medium sized baby elephant. It literally cost me nothing to make this elephant. This was the first time I constructed something in this scale in paper mache and I am so happy to finally share this with everyone. I will be doing a lot more paper mache posts. But here anyway is how I created the baby elephant. 

This literally cost me nothing to make as I had all the materials at home. I used chalk, a large box, 3 rolls of masking tape, toilet rolls, a lot of newspaper and a lot of A4 white paper.Gluing method depending on yourself can be PVA glue mixed with water. When getting materials don't be shy to go to your local shop and ask if they have old boxes and newspapers to use.

1. Using a large cardboard box.

2. Using white chalk to draw out the elephant body. I drew the body of the elephant, legs(4) and ears (2) separately. Cutting each of the elephant's body parts out.

3. Cutting 2 toilet rolls in half. Then taping the halves at the upper half of the leg and body using masking tape (as in pic3). I done this to give the elephant depth. Do this step for each of the legs. Making sure the legs are tapped on at and even point so your elephant is not standing lopsided. Not forgetting to add newspaper tubes under the elephant, as in its belly area.

4. Tapped on the elephant's ears using a good bit of masking tape. To hold the ears in a secure place.

5. Using a lot of newspaper. I rolled two pages of the newspaper into long tubes and tapped it onto the elephant, I kept adding newspaper tubes all over the elephant. This is to help build the elephant's body mass. (Refer to pic 5).

6.Not adding newspaper to the back of the elephant's ears, as it would make them too chunky and heavy.

7. I then completely wrapped masking tape all over the elephant to keep all the newspaper in place. I used a lot of masking tape doing this.

8. Also taping under the elephant, as in its belly and inner legs and feet.

9. Starting to paper mache. Ripping strips (small and large) of newspaper. Lots of news paper. Then gluing the newspaper strips down with PVA glue mixed with water just so it is a little more runny. Once you have completely covered the elephant leave to dry before adding another layer. I added a layer to the top of the elephant's body waited for it to dry then turned the elephant on its back added the newspaper mache to the belly and inner legs. Continuing this routine until I did 3 layers.

10.Then using again a lot of A4 white paper ripped into strips and PVA glue with added water, I completely covered the elephant doing the same as I did for step 9. Waiting for each layer to dry before adding another layer. I did 2 layers as you could still see the newspaper print through the first layer.

11. Once the last layer was dry I checked over the elephant making sure all of it was covered and that there were no bits sticking out as in pic 11. If so I added small strips of paper and PVA glue to hold it down and smooth. Waiting again until all was dry.

12. For the extra fun part I got my son (3 years old) to paint the elephant, with poster paint in various colours. Covering the floor with newspaper in case of mess.

As you can see Noah had a ball doing this. 

So how I created this elephant. Using easy products. It did take a bit of time to make, about a month. Because of leaving it to dry after each layer.

But I do hope I have inspired you to create something amazing out of basic materials.

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