Paper Mache Pineapple

 My new favourite craft, paper mache. This is the first of many paper mache things I have made.
I am so excited to share it. Perfect for decorating your home. Or as a party decoration like a beach/tropical theme.
Seeing that summer is close this can also be fun craft for toddlers and children to create.

I literally used everything I had home. This was extremely simple to make.

I used: A medium sized oval balloon, masking tape, newspaper, all purpose flour, a small weighted object like a jar lid, PVA glue and green/yellow paper.

1. Blowing the balloon up. I then used a metal lid to a jar I had, any jar lid will do. Using masking tape to tape the lid down. Taping it to the bottom round of the balloon.

2. This is to help the balloon sit in place.

3. I mixed all purpose flour and a bit of water until it was runny but still a bit thick. Using this to glue down pieces of ripped newspaper. Completely covering the balloon. Leave to dry. I did 3 layers of this. Making sure each layer dries fully.

4. I love using flour paste as a glue. Because one it is so much cheaper than using a lot of PVA glue and two it also dries very hard.

5. Folding a A4 sheet of green paper in half. And then cutting an uneven zigzag, to create the top of the pineapple.

6. Taping the leaf cut out into a tube, using masking tape to tape the bottom of it together. Then using scissors to cut small slits right along the bottom of the leaf design.

7. Doing the slits helps the leaf topper sit on the top of the balloon.

8. Then using masking tape to tape down the slits to the top of the balloon.

9. This is how your pineapple will begin to look.

10. I cut a lot of squares out of yellow paper. I glued the yellow squares down with a mixture of PVA glue and some water. I used PVA glue for this as PVA glue dries clear as the all purpose flour mixture dries a creamy colour. I added two layers of yellow paper, as you could still see the newspaper print showing through the first layer yellow paper. 

And that is that. My new favourite summer household decoration. So simple and easy to do. 

I really hope everyone has fun creating this pineapple and that it was simple and easy enough.

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