Paper Mache Pineapple

 My new favourite craft, paper mache. This is the first of many paper mache things I have made.
I am so excited to share it. Perfect for decorating your home. Or as a party decoration like a beach/tropical theme.
Seeing that summer is close this can also be fun craft for toddlers and children to create.

Easter Crafts

As many people do I got these idea's on Pinterest. I am always doing arts and crafts with my son, who is 2. Doing art and craft with Noah is great and creating things is so exciting for him. 

Seen that Easter is just around the corner myself and Noah had fun with lots of Easter art.

For Easter chicks I got Noah to do blobs of yellow paint all over page, and I painted beaks and eyes on them.

I drew Noah an Easter egg, and let him go crazy with paint and I think it looks amazing.

Finally Noah doesn't freak out with having paint on his hands. So I painted the palm of his hand white, his index finger and ring finger. Then printed his hand on blue paper. Adding touches of pink paint for the bunny's ears and nose. When the paint was dry, with a felt tip pen I drew eyes, mouth and whiskers.

Carrot foot prints, painting both mine and Noahs feet with orange paint and stepping on white paper. Once paint is dry I cut around the foot prints in a carrot shape. Then cutting green leaves for carrot and gluing them on.

I love hand print, foot print art, they great keepsakes. Can be great for sentimental gifts, or cards.