Banana Pancake Reciepe

So for this super cold January Monday morning I decide to make some banana pancakes.January is my new health kick month (as well as most peoples). I find myself doing nothing but eating right, working out and staying away from the cold. 

Banana Pancake Recipe
Serves 2

                                               2 Banana's 
                                               2 Egg's
                                            2/3 glass of flour
                                            2/3 glass of milk

                                  Serve with greek yogurt
                                            and blueberries.

1. Mash the two banana's in a bowl with a fork, until you get it less lumpy as possible.

2. Sieve flour into larger bowl. I find doing this makes the mixture not so lumpy with flour bits.

3. Crack the two egg's into the bowl with the mashed banana, then pour 1/4 of the milk in and stir well together,

4. Pour all of the banana/egg/milk mixture into the bowl of flour and mix together. Then pour the remaining milk into the bowl and mix well.

5. Your mixture is ready *I did not take pictures of the next steps as I was busy cooking the pancakes.* But melt a tiny bit of butter in a pan. Pour a bit of mixture into the middle of the pan. Not filling the whole pan. Cook each side of the pancake for 3 minutes.

6. Serves the pancakes with greek yogurt and blue berries.

Happy Monday Morning

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