Halloween Make Up

October was a non-DIY month basically was so busy getting into the Halloween spirit by doing a lot of Halloween make up. In the post will show how did some of my favourite looks. 

First thing is I'm self taught. Haven't done  any courses. I loved doing make looks for Halloween because you never get to do this everyday. I didn't use expensive products. Most of my looks are eyeshadows or face paints that I got in the Art&Hobby shop. I won't be stopping doing Halloween looks even tho it is over simply so I can get more practice and do the many ideas I still have. So here are my favourite looks done so far.

Cosmetic Look

This look was very simple to do basically did my make up as normal with bright red lips (lipstick BARRYM NO.121). And on my forehead I did a peel away effect with latex. The latex was purchased in Art&Hobby for €3. I applied the latex with a sponge. Once the first layer was applied and started drying I added a few more layours. Then using tweezers I pulled the dried latex up to give the effect my skin was peeling. Then using red and black paint using another sponge to give the look as if the skin was gone from the area. I did another bit like my forehead on my jaw. Then using liquid eyeliner to draw on cosmetic surgery lines.  

Sewn look

This look was actually my very first. My make up wa done as normal. I cut strands of DIY rope ( purchased in WOODIES). To stick the rope to my face I used eyelash glue. Applying a bit of glue to the end on the strands and waiting till it was sticky dry, sticking over my lips and eyes. 

Blue Skull 

This skull was done with all eyeshadows. I got a gift set for Christmas last year that had lots of vibrant eye shadow colours. I a white base all over my face first, to help make the colours more vibrant. Then drew an outline of the skull with a light grey eye pencil. I used the lightest colours first when doing the skull. Starting with a light blue, dark blue and then a black shading them in. 

Robot "Terminator"

I haven't seen a "robot" "terminator" look like this so I had to do it. Make up was done as normally first. Then using a grey eye pencil I lined where I wanted the robot look to be. Mixing a white and black face paint to a get grey. Using a medium flat paint brush painted the grey in the outlined areas. Using a bit of latex liquid on the edges of the robot parts, wanting till it dried then using tweezers to pull the dried latex as if my skin was peeling. I added a make up highlighter powder over the grey paint to give it the shinny look. And using red and black paint to a sponge and dabbing it on the dried latex areas, for a blood effect. Using liquid eyeliner to draw on metal effects. 

Only using white and black face paint (from Art&Hobby) I used 3 paint brushes, for the white, for black and for mixing the two colours to do a grey shading effect. 


I did this look on my brother. Only using white an black face paints. We wanted to  do a realistic look. This is my favourite because it came out better than I expected. 

So there is the handful if Halloween looks I did. But defiantly not the last. 

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