Christmas Egg

So it is finally nearly Christmas. So here comes the Christmas posts and I am so excited about it. I got this idea from my mother.I remember when I was little my mother used to make these fabulous decorative eggs. So finally after years of saying I am going to make them myself, I did. I brought no products to make these, everything I had at home already.When you put your mind to it you will be surprised what you have at home you can use.Lets create something amazing.

Blast from the past, me at age 2 with the decorative eggs on the Christmas tree that my mother made.

What I used:

Nail polish, enamel paint
Darning Needle
Decoration add on's (glitter, sequins,beads,buttons etc)
Glue (all-purpose glue,PVA glue,fake nail glue)
Ribbon,String or yarn

**You can use any glue once it is strong. PVA glue is great to use for decorating. Shop around you will actually find a great strong glue in a hardware store for cheap.**

1. On the TOP and BOTTOM of egg you are going t pierce a hole using a darning needle.
2. Lightly tapping the needle to the egg shell to create a hole.
3.Blowing on one of the egg holes, to get rid of the yolk inside.(got a little headed doing this) .
4. Blow into the egg until no more yolk comes out. Then wash the egg with warm water  inside the egg and outside. To make sure that the egg is completely clean to prevent future rotten smell.


5. You will be putting the string into the TOP hole. So you can hang up your egg.
6.I used clear stretch string, cutting a medium size strand.
7. Half the strand of string so one end will have a loop. Put the other end into the TOP egg hole.
8. Using the all purpose glue I filled the top and bottom hole. I made sure that the string was glued securely into the hole. Leave to dry for about a day.


For this egg I used a grey nail polish. I glued the beads o with clear nail polish.

I used a gold nail polish and used different sized beads glued them on with clear nail polish.

I used a bright red nail polish to paint the egg and I had a nail art set that half pearls in it. I glued them onto the egg in a pattern using clear nail polish.

I painted the egg bright blue with nail polish. Then with silver nail polish I painted on a design on the egg.

Used a navy blue nail polish. I recycled an old necklace by un-linking even strands of the chain. Then gluing them on with an all purpose glue.

I first painted the egg in a gold with nail polish. Then gluing on gold and silver stars all over the egg with clear nail polish.

Painted the egg in a bright orange nail polish. Then I mixed every glitter I had together. Covered the egg in PVA glue then rolled the egg in the glitter. Gutted that the colours of the  glitter has not shown in the picture it is truly amazing.

Using a bright pink nail polish and nail art little stars that I glued on with clear nail polish.

I really hope you liked this post. I would like to dedicated it to my mother. That has always inspired me to be creative.

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