Recycled Wine bottle

This is probably my most favourite DIY post. So happy how it turned out,exactly how I wanted and finally sharing it with everyone.

This old wine bottles could be thin candle holders or decorational vases. The twine/wool and colours should be to your own taste. 

                        YOU NEED:
                     - Wine bottle
                     - Adhesive Spray
                     - Twine/Wool 
                      - Thin Candles
     **When doing this DIY protect working surface with newspaper. As adhesive spray will get on the surface. Your hands will also get sticky. Mine did just make sure to soak fingers in luke warm water and glue will wash off. Use the product safe fully and not carelessly. If you are using the candles. Always make sure you are using the candles properly and don't leave candles unattended.**

                     How it was done:

1. You can take the labels of the bottles If you wish. By soaking it in water. I didn't (to lazy).

2. Starting at the neck of the wine bottle. Tie the twine/wool to it. Using the longest twine/wool, keep wrapping it round, round and round. Spraying the adhesive as you go round.

3. When wrapping the twine/wool make sure to wrap each line right next to each other. For no gaps.

4. To change colours do step 1 but were you stopped last.

5. When you reach the end of the bottle cut the twine/wool and make sure the it is glued down by the adhesives.

And that's that. Happy DIY! 

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