Glitter Tea Lights

              So I am back again. After not being blogging for nearly a year. Haven't had the motivation, unfortunately. But on that note back with glitter, my favourite. Perfect home decoration or any time of year. 

               Glitter Tea Light Jar

You will need:
- Jar (any size & well cleaned)
- Spray adhevise 
- Glitter 

(Tried showing Sellotape design marks on jar, sorry if it isn't clear.)

Make sure to also protect areas with newspaper or protective covering. Spray adhesive is not a toy either so be careful when using it and do it in a open area.


1. So first of all I used Sellotape to mark out a design on the jar that I wanted to make.

2. Once design is made, I then sprayed the adhesive on the area I wanted covered in glitter.

3. Then sprinkled the glitter on the adhesive areas.

4. Left to dry for 2hrs. ( Adhesive may be sticky depending on how much you used.) 

5. Place tea light in glitter jar and watch it light up a room in glittery magic.

**Now can't stress enough about tea lights/candles!! Once these items are placed in a glass jar and left to burn for hours the glass gets hotter. So do NOT pick up hot jars you WILL burn yourself. Safety first.


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