Christmas Egg

So it is finally nearly Christmas. So here comes the Christmas posts and I am so excited about it. I got this idea from my mother.I remember when I was little my mother used to make these fabulous decorative eggs. So finally after years of saying I am going to make them myself, I did. I brought no products to make these, everything I had at home already.When you put your mind to it you will be surprised what you have at home you can use.Lets create something amazing.

Blast from the past, me at age 2 with the decorative eggs on the Christmas tree that my mother made.

Halloween Make Up

October was a non-DIY month basically was so busy getting into the Halloween spirit by doing a lot of Halloween make up. In the post will show how did some of my favourite looks. 

Wedding : Hens Beach Veil

So for my best friends hens she asked me to make her a personalized veil. Her theme for her hens is beach/Hawaiian. 

Glitter Tea Lights

              So I am back again. After not being blogging for nearly a year. Haven't had the motivation, unfortunately. But on that note back with glitter, my favourite. Perfect home decoration or any time of year. 

Recycled Wine bottle

This is probably my most favourite DIY post. So happy how it turned out,exactly how I wanted and finally sharing it with everyone.