So I had made myself a giant dreamcatcher. This process took about two days. But was totally worth it. I did a bit of research on dream catchers and did not find too many that are colourful. They all seemed to be a bit traditional Native American ones.

I did a step by step tutorial...

Part One : Making the Dreamcatcher

What you will need:
1. Hula Hoop(childs one)
2. Ball of  white & pink wool
3. Scissors

I used wool to cover my hoop. Most people use leather stripes. You Can cover it with anything really. Really think about what colours you want to go for and take your time doing each step.

1. Tie a double knot with the white wool to the hula hoop.

2. Cover the hula hoop with the wool. Do this my continously wrapping the wool tightly around the hoop. 
|| This process does take some time.||

3. Hoop should be completely covered so you can not see any of the hula hoop colours.

4. Once your done wrapping, tie the pink wool to the hoop. Double knotting it. 

5. Then pull a line across the hoop. We will call this the Side Strand.
*your side strand can be short or long as you want.*
Then loop it under the hoop.

6.Then put the the wool under the 'side strand'. And pull tight. Do this process all around the hoop until you reach the start. Making sure to pull tightly.

7. The hoop should look like picture (7)...

8. Now loop the wool around the 'side strand' as you did with the hula hoop. But loop in the middle of the side strands. to get a neat weave design. 

9. Do step (8) all around till your dream catcher weave until it meets the centre.

10. Once you have reached the centre, tie a knot tightly and cut excess wool.

11. It is on picture but I added a bead to the weave buy sewing it on to it at the end. This is optional.

11. Cut a longish strand of postal string. Then tie the two ends together. Double knot.

12. Put the postal sting under the hula hoop at the start of the dream catcher weave.

13. Pull the strand at the weave through the top strand.

14. Pull tightly. Now you will be able to hang your dream catcher on your wall.

Not done just yet now to decorating...

Part two : Decorating Stands

I made two types of feather strands. one with beads and one with bunches of feathers. This made the dream catcher not look bare. 

Feather and Bead steps

1. Pick a selection of feathers (not to may).

2. Wrap thread ( I used embroidery thread) around the stems of the feathers.
3. Put a bead (with a biggish hole) on the excess embroidery thread.

4. Then slip through the feather stems into the bead hole.

5. Continue adding what/many beads you want.

6. Tie strand to hoop. Double knotting and cut off excess thread. 
Make as many as you want and continue the steps on decorating to your own taste. 

Feather bunch Steps:

1. Wrap a bunch of feathers with sellotape not using it all.

2.Cut a longish piece of postal string.

3.Then put postal string on the tape and wrap the tape tightly. Starting at the end of the string.
Add about three bunches to the string. Leaving enough space between them and moving upwards. Leaving enough strand to tie to the hoop.

4.Then tie the stand to the dream catcher. Double knotting and cut off excess string.
I made seven of these and they made it look a lot fuller.


For anyone making these dream catchers please send me your creations to Would love to see them.


  1. I can't believe you made that from a hula-hoop!? It turned out great, welcome to DC :)

    1. Hi, Thank you! I was looking for while on what to use for a giant dreamcatcher and seen the hula hoop. It is a great base for a Dreamcatcher.